Lil’ Squirrels Pre k programs in Albuquerque

We have three classrooms designed for our pre-kindergarten aged children. Our Hazelnut classroom is for our three year olds, the Mixed Nuts classroom for our older three’s thru younger five’s, and our Chestnuts classroom for our four’s and five’s.

Hazelnuts, Mixed Nuts and Chestnuts Classrooms

All of our Pre-K classrooms schedules are designed to prepare your children for kindergarten. Activities for these classrooms include a scheduled “Circle Time”, monthly projects, two snack times (AM & PM), outdoor play, journal writing/letter skills, self-selection, lunch time, storytime before rest time, and finger rhymes and song. Basic sign language is incorporated throughout the day. All activities coordinate with the ZooPhonics letter of the month and with a literature piece using our multi-intelligence approach to teaching. Literacy bags which include a book and activities are available for checkout for the weekend. Daily notes are completed for each child and sent home for the parents. Assessments/conferences are completed twice a year. During our curriculum hours of 9:00-3:30 our Hazelnut classroom has a ratio of 1:9, our Mixed Nuts and Chestnuts classrooms ratios vary from 1:12 thru 1:14. We offer a 2, 3, 4 and 5 day per week program for our Pre-K classrooms.