Our mission at Lil’ Squirrels Preschool is to develop a partnership with families and the staff to provide a safe, educational, and nurturing environment where children can learn and grow into independent, confident, and caring individuals.


Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of creating an environment where children feel safe and valued, their physical needs are met, and where they feel psychologically secure. We believe that children may grow and learn at different paces, and therefore opportunities are provided, through instruction and play, to help each individual child become successful at their level. Children also have unique strengths in their learning process and so we offer a curriculum and environment that provides learning opportunities that touch on all the multiple intelligences. Our staff will organize their classroom’s daily schedule to provide a variety of developmentally appropriate activities that promote a learning atmosphere where each child has an opportunity to be successful and appreciated for their accomplishments. Within this schedule are opportunities for children to explore and experience the classroom setting at their own pace. We also feel that the development of language, along with a growing love for literacy, is important as it touches on so many other subject areas of learning, and should be encouraged in young children.

Lil’ Squirrels Preschool, LLC
“Where children can learn, grow, and be loved!”