Fun Activities that Cultivate Good Behavior in Preschoolers

Fun Activities that Cultivate Good Behavior in Preschoolers

Often parents get wrapped up in ensuring that their kids get everything they need to build great academic skills but forget to emphasize some of the most important behaviors to teach. So they fail to understand how to behave and work with others. Incorporating some fun activities and good behavior games into summer preschool programs in Albuquerque nurture the necessary social and cultural skills they need to develop. It also teaches them to help kids communicate, connect, empathize, and read minds.

Here is a list of few fun activities that teach good manners and team cooperation to preschoolers.

The Cheer-Up Game

Draw a series of faces with different unhappy expressions such as sick, sad, angry, or scared on large squares of paper. Put these papers in a basket, ask the kids to take one and act out the feeling shown. Tell other children to ask comfortable questions, give hugs or say I’m sorry to help the child feel better.

This game teaches empathy which is the “core” virtue that helps children to know how it feels to have their feelings hurt and treat others with respect and kindness.

The Hot or Cold Game

Choose one child as the ‘finder’ and send him out while other kids hide an object somewhere in the room. Ask the finder to return and find the hidden object, while others shout out hints.

The hot or cold game teaches co-operation and encourages kids to emphasize on supporting other players and not competing against them.

Balloon Bash

Give each child two balloons and ask them to team up to keep the balloons in the air for a set time when you say ‘go.’ You can also ask them to try by bopping the balloons with their pinkie fingers or nose.
Balloon bash teaches children that teamwork beats arguing and they will see the value of working together toward a common goal.

Treasure Hunt

Hide an object, write five clues in a bit of paper and hide four clues in different places in the classroom. Give the first clue to them and ask them to find the other clues using the first one. They can team up to find the clues and the object.

This game in preschools in Albuquerque teaches them team spirit, co-operation and how to be supportive in times of help.

Follow the Leader

The game ‘follow the leader’ is simple and do not require any property. The teacher has to do an action, and the child has to copy it. If they don’t, they must go to the back of the line and start over.

This game teaches your child about obedience and observation.

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