5 Ways Preschool Introduces the Alphabet Letters to Your Child

5 Ways Preschool Introduces the Alphabet Letters to Your Child

The introduction of the letters of the alphabet is an important milestone in the aptitude growth of a child. It is the foundation to reading and writing, and the way it is introduced will decide the amount of interest the child is going to show in language-related activities. Children normally begin to show interest in letters around the age of 2. They show an interest in stories and the shapes of letters and numbers, and begin to wonder what they mean.

The learning pace can vary from child to child, as some will show an aptitude for letters while others will have to be familiarized with it at a steadier pace. Albuquerque preschools are very sensitive and empathetic to this fact, and create structured lessons and curriculums that cater to every child’s interest and understanding level.

Here are 5 ways through which preschools in Albuquerque introduce the letters of the alphabet to preschool children:

  1. Reading Aloud: this is the most prominent method through which children become interested in language, and as a result, the letters of the alphabet. Teachers read out nursery rhymes, children’s stories, rhyming stories, picture books, and more. The sounds of reading, especially rhyming words and alliterations, fascinate and hold the attention of young children and get them familiarized with letters.
  2. Singing Alphabet Songs: Pre-K schools in Albuquerque NM also dedicate a lot of class hours to singing the alphabet songs to help children become attuned to the letter names and the alphabetical order. Songs are sung slowly, enunciating every letter name clearly and separately, so that children can focus on specific aspects and sounds. Teachers pause at different places so that children do not slur groups of letters. For instance, l, m, n, and o are not pronounced as the single unit elemeno.
  3. Displaying the Alphabets: as you know, preschool classrooms usually have a plethora of charts, pictures and artwork on display throughout the year. Albuquerque playschools ensure that the letters of the alphabet are displayed at the children’s eye level at various places in the classroom. The displays are made more meaningful and relatable to the children by pasting the pictures of those children whose names begin with the different letters, and also writing their names in block print beside the letters. The constant visual input makes children more familiar with the letters of the alphabet.
  4. Model Writing: teachers write or trace the letters of the alphabet on the blackboard in a slow and deliberate manner so that children can focus on the shape of the letters. As they write, they repeat the name of the letter and the sounds it can make. They also talk about directionality, as they spell out in which directions the lines move in order to create the shape of the letter. They also guide children to draw the letters out on paper, in large print.
  5. Sensory exploration of the alphabet: apart from seeing and hearing, children become more familiar with the letters when they explore them through all their senses. By feeling and seeing the shapes of the letters of the alphabet, they learn more about the formation of the letters. Ways in which Albuquerque preschools introduce the letters through all senses are: using sandpaper, salt trays, clay, magnetic letters, felt letters and by forming letters with their bodies. They are also given fruits and vegetables, and several everyday objects to correspond with the letters they are learning in class on any given day.

These are only a few methods that teachers use to introduce the alphabets to their preschoolers. These are easy methods that can also be replicated in the home. Parents of preschoolers can imitate these methods at home to maintain the continuity of the learning pattern in a more relaxed and familiar environment.

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